Political Correctness

Veröffentlicht: März 16, 2011 in fight white supremacy. fight racism., smah patriarchy. smash sexism.

Fand folgendes Zitat ganz interessant:

„Political correctness is an accommodating and culturally sensitive approach to human interaction, which is not received well by White males. Thibodaux (1994) is one among several authors who writes about the lunacy of political correctness, proposing that this exhausting code-switching behav- ior be eradicated andor not taken seriously. Jackson’s (in press) cultural identity study provides empirical evidence that European American males do not feel the need to code switch. The research findings of his triangulated study conclude that code switching (or what his study coins the negotiation of cultural identity) is a minority-group phenomenon and not considered necessary behav- ior for European Americans.“

Jackson II, Ronald L. (1997). Black Manhood as Xenophobe. In: Journal of Black Studies. Vol.27. Iss. 6. S.731.750.



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