petition in support of Letchimy in critizing fascist remarks by C. Gueant

Veröffentlicht: Februar 14, 2012 in antifa, fight white supremacy. fight racism.
Please sign & circulate petition in support of Serge Letchimy:

 On the very bottom of this email you find the letter of protest by Serge
Letchimy (member of parliament, Martinique) to the French minister of the
interior, Claude Gueant, regarding the latters racist remarks. Here some
background info in English from the Washington Post:

The French parliament erupted in an uproar Tuesday after Socialist lawmaker
Serge Letchimy from Martinique suggested that Minister of Interior Claude
Guéant's comments sounded dangerously close to Nazi ideology. Guéant, who
has been known to deliver strong pronouncements against immigration in
France (and to be particularly concerned about the size of the Muslim
population there), had pronounced that not all civilizations are equal. His
exact words were: "Contrary to what relativistic leftist ideology says, all
civilizations are not equal. Those who defend humanity seem more advanced
than those who deny it." [Contrairement à ce que dit l'idéologie
relativiste de gauche, pour nous, toutes les civilisations ne se valent
pas. Celles qui défendent l'humanité nous paraissent plus avancées que
celles qui la nient.]

What is interesting about this event is that Guéant's pronouncement was not
met by major uproar; what caused noisy protests were Letchimy's comments in
response. The Washington Post writes:

Socialist lawmaker Serge Letchimy from Martinique questioned Interior
Minister Claude Guéant about his comments that some civilizations---notably
France's---are worth more than others. Guéant's remarks, which have caused a
firestorm, had been widely seen as a putdown of Muslims. Opposition
Socialists have called the comments an attempt by President Nicolas
Sarkozy's conservatives to woo far-right votes ahead of the two-round
presidential election in April and May. Tuesday's session of government
questions had to be suspended after lawmakers from Sarkozy's conservative
UMP party began walking out in a noisy protest.

Letchimy said Guéant is "day by day leading us back to these European
ideologies that gave birth to concentration camps." After a loud protests
interrupted him, he added: "Mr. Guéant, the Nazi regime, which was so
concerned about purity, was that a civilization?" Speaking to reporters
later, Letchimy said "as the son of a slave, I cannot accept this kind of
phrase" like the one used by Guéant. Letchimy said he wanted to "sound an
alarm" over this kind of "negation."

Conservative Prime Minister Francois Fillon, in a statement, called
Letchimy's comment "an indecent provocation" that "brings shame on those
who make it." Fillon, a member of Sarkozy's UMP party, urged the leaders of
the Socialist opposition party to condemn Letchimy's statement.

Yesterday, LibéMarseille (Libération) reported on Ségolène Royal's take on
the French National Assembly "scandal:" "There is freedom of speech in the
Assembly. This is the beating heart of the Republic, where elected
officials express themselves (...) I know Serge Letchimy well; he is a
descendant of slaves. He is fully entitled to ask a question about the
meaning of civilization."
For full article, see

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