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Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Open Letter to Federal Policymakers in the United States:

My name is Krysta Gonzales. I am a 27-year old lesbian woman of color who currently resides in Austin, Texas and I am writing to add my voice to the thousands of other voices  calling for equal rights for same-sex couples who wish to have their union recognized by the federal government.

I recently fell in love with a woman who is a Brazilian national, Beatriz Motta, and she is my life-partner.  In less than a week, she will have to leave the United States.  Even if we were to elope in Boston tomorrow, she will still have to leave if she ever wants to enter this country again.  With all the progress this country has made, I never imagined I’d ever have to face something as painful as this.

I know many on Capitol Hill don’t believe in “gay marriage.”  I’m not concerned with semantics. And I don’t want to marry Beatriz in a church. I do want to marry her in the State of Texas…or anywhere I choose in the United States.  And frankly, I don’t care what my union is called. I do care that I am not afforded the same rights as my fellow citizens of this country.  I want my rights.  I am entitled to them.

As a woman of color, I’m used to being systematically advised that I’m a second-class citizen and that I’m not entitled to anything.  I am reminded of it each day.  I’ve built my life on working twice as hard to receive half as much and being very grateful for what I’ve earned.  I grew up believing that if I work hard enough, I can beat the odds that were stacked against me from the moment I was conceived.  However, there is no work I can do to change my circumstance with Beatriz, except appeal to you, hold you accountable, and remind you of the countless stories like mine.

I challenge you to imagine your life without your partner or someone very important to you – just for a moment.  And I challenge you to consider your ability to look another individual in the eye – not a camera, not a crowd – and with full confidence and ease say that her love does not matter, that she does not deserve the same privilege that you have simply because you disagree with who she is, and that she should accept living a life mostly spent alone.

I write this as a reminder to you that the policies you pass have a dramatic effect on the course of your constituents’ lives.  You are dictating the course of the lives of people whom you’ve never even met. Their lives.  Their livelihoods.  My life.  My livelihood.    I do not envy your job.  I could never carry that weight.  But you were called and you were chosen.  And as I said before, I’m holding you responsible.  You must carry the weight.  You must carry my weight next week when I watch the love of my life disappear into an airport crowd.

The time is now.  And we are not the only couple facing harsh immigration policy that is keeping families apart.  Do not turn a blind eye to us – to Immigration Equality – to theUniting American Families Act.  Do not bear a deaf ear to the people who demand the rights that you currently enjoy as a privilege.

Krysta Gonzales & Beatriz Motta


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