19.04 // 11h // Solidaritätsdemo, gegen institutionellen Rassismus

Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2012 in fight white supremacy. fight racism., sin banderas sin fronteras
Solidarity with Blind Banga on 19.04.2012 in Berlin: Demonstration against
Institution Racism and For Freedom of Movement

On Thursday, 19.4.12 at 11:00 Sozialgericht Berlin, (Invalidenstraße 52),
14:00 Ausländerbehörde, (Friedrich-Krause-Ufer)

Institutional racism in Germany has many stories. The 28-years old Banga
(Bamkali Konateh) can tell one of them: He is more than 11 years in
Germany. He was healthy when he came into Germany but now blind with
diabetes. His health condition is a direct consequence of police brutality
and limited or hindered medical attention to his treatment.

After  The VOICE Refugee Forum got to know about his case and generated a
campaign for him in 2010, Banga was given a „Fiktionsbescheinigung“ based
on residence right §25 Abs.3.

Video: BLIND BANGA - Maybe I can see again: Flüchtlingslager Gerstungen

After being given this right to stay, the social support based on the
Asylbewerberleistungsgesetzt was withdrawn, his medical treatment from a
mobile welfare canter was cancelled and he was asked to the the refugee
camp in Gerstungen thus turning a diabetic blind person adrift: No
information, no support help in organizing his financial issues or medical
treatment, no accommodation.

With the intervention of The Voice Refugee Forum and the KuB in Berlin
(Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen), a support
group volunteered to offer him a flat and also support to build a new
living in Berlin.

After Banga moved to Berlin in summer 2011, he applied for social help
(Hartz IV) and a health insurance which created the room for him to
continue his treatment on his remaining eye,(Maybe Banga can see again.).

In the residence right for Banga, there was a constrain of residence only
within Thüringen based on foreseen deportation/eviction in September 2011.
Thüringen „Wohnsitzauflage“

An appeal was made to suspend the constrain i.e. Banga still lives in
Berlin legally. Since this date, there has been a conflict about who takes
the financial responsibility between Berlin and Thüringen Institutions.

Whoever that may be doesn’t matter to us because we are only interested
that one of the districts takes this responsibility i.e. like Health
insurance, Rentage and other necessities for his living.

A court in Berlin decided that the Thüringen district (Landratsamt) pay up
Bangers arrears from February-April but the district is using a debt
recovery strategy enforcement to ridiculously reduce his earnings.

Normally Banga is expected to receive 200; Euros besides his rent
according to the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz.

But the district authourities are not interested in paying for the premium
the health insurrance is ignored.

Actually he is only still insured because supporters borrowed him money.
And from the month of May, Banga would be roped up again. It is always all
about money that is urgently needed for his survival and nothing else.

It may seem not understandable for the social offices and courts in Berlin
and Thüringen hence they take so long time to reach a decision that is
binding i.e a blind diabetic person runs out of his insulin and eye drops.

This story may be shocking for you or makes you angry or even
unbelievable. see longer version in German here:
http://de.indymedia.org/2012/03/326016.shtml  or

Bangas story is just one of many stories of refugees in Germany. There are
many similar cases we never hear about because the sick protagonists were
just deported notwithstanding their rights for a residence permit.

For Banga and the many others unknown who are faced with such hard times
with the (alien) offices and those deprived of their rights for getting
the absolutely necessary, we invite you to join us on the street on
19.April at 11am.

Come with us on Thursday 19th April at 11am to the Berlin social court at
the Invalidenstraße 52 and then to the aliens department to protest
against the daily institutionalised racism AND the freedom of movement.


The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Schillergäßchen 5, 07745 Jena,
E-Mail: thevoiceforum@gmx.de

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